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Shift Japan


The sites of hi-res! are truly multisensory explorations, immersing you somewhere between experimental web art and a fantastic dream. The rich worlds they create encourage both personal interaction and unique interpretation. This firm's site and portfolio are constantly in a state of innovation. This brings us big grins and makes our hearts go boom-boom-boom.
Clients: Requiem For A Dream, Donnie Darko


This site will be of special interest to anyone fascinated by the dreamy age of space travel and technology, and of course to collectors and fans of 50s and 60s tin toys. The amount of creativity and artistic talent that went into crafting this collection of space-themed toys and robots is truly amazing -- certainly these unique pieces define a bygone era not to be repeated again. And the Flash site by Alberto Cerriteno is a perfect blend of modern, yet rustic design... and even includes a retro game of Space Invaders.

Myron Campbell

Myron Campbell is an artist and designer whose mixed media work is immersed in ideas surrounding consciousness and the subconscious, dream states and fairy tales. He uses painting, drawing, digital art, sound, collage and 2D animation to explore and create his bizarre visions. So now, enter his dreams and explore his thoughts in this fragile, patchwork site of his subconscious mind!


Freshness – sneakers, toys, shops, street wear, NYC, JPN